Product info & terms

What you get

- Domain (www-address), nameserver, webhotell and e-mail accounts. I take care of everything, if you wish.
- Main page with your logo and contact info.
- Programmed responsive and intuitive navigation bar.
- Intelligent and spam protected response form.
- Your images (eg. product images).
- Additional pages (eg. corporate background, history, products etc).
- Event calendar you can update yourself.
- Content management.
- Advanced visitor statistics.
- 3 languages as default (eg. English, Swedish and Finnish).


Pages are optimized for search engines (especially Google).

Pages are optimized for all devices, from mobile phones to computers.

Pages are speed optimized.

Instant language switching. You won't be thrown to some new page, but remain where you are. The page simply switches language.

Your customers find stuff with ease. Pages are designed with the usability in mind.

Neat direct page printing without a separate "Printer friendly version".

Streamlined and fast pages without unnecessary and slow graphics. Pages load fast, even with slower connection speeds.

Clean and advanced programming minimizes maintenance costs and allows for unlimited future expansion.

Pages work in all standards compliant browsers. Even older and quaint browsers are able to display the most central information.

Programming techniques and design principles.

My most important concepts are quality, usability and speed. Therefore I follow the international directives from W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium).

Validated HTML5 code.

Validated CSS3 formatting.

I follow the directives of WAI (Web Accessibility Inititiative) as much as possible. I design according to the principle that anyone, with any kind of browser type, should be able access the information on the page.

As default, the pages are designed to meet the highest accessibility criteria possible within the constraints of the project. The pages are designed to work in e.g. browsers for the visually impaired.


All work is charged by the hour à 39 € + avt if not otherwise agreed.

All material is expected to be in digital form.

Manual insertion of text/data, translation, scanning of images and image editing are charged separately.

House calls are charged by the hour plus travel expenses.

I will not take any kind of responsibility for any consequences in case of an error on my part.